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We have two primary studios in our facility, a Recording Studio with an isolated live room and control room for more traditional audio recording and the Main Stage studio designed for capturing visual content and full band recordings. Whether you're producing tracks, recording an album, making a music video, live streaming to your fans, or rehearsing for a gig--

Tiny Room Studios has you covered.

Main Stage

Main Stage

Our 25'x15'x12' truss structure is outfitted with sound dampening curtains and carpets. We offer an in-house digital camera rig, professional-grade stage lighting, wireless in-ear systems, powerhouse sound and monitoring speakers, microphones, instruments, and a production team to ensure artists with capable hands.

Recording Studio

Recording Rooms

Adjacent to the warehouse is a complete control room & live room studio for more traditional recording methods, each 16’x15’. These two acoustically treated rooms are outfitted with interfaces, microphones, control surfaces, a vocal booth, and in-house instruments.

VIP Lounge

VIP Lounge

Above the studios, there is a VIP lounge for clients to relax, work, and screen content. There’s plenty of couches, vinyl records, and coffee tables as well as a 4K 86” screen and high quality sound system for entertainment.